One Way Homecare Services, Inc. - THE ROAD TO EXCELLENT CARE
We at One Way Home Care have learned a great deal about
hiring practices and have perfected our skills by way of multiple
interviews, police checks, reference checks,abuse checks,
drivers abstracts,etc.This process takes our Human Resources
Department a tremendous amount of time to complete.
We then provide training, supervision and follow ups on a
continuous basis.
Are you  prepared to access and perform
these essential screening tools. 
You may find that hoping
to save a few dollars by hiring
someone privately is not worth the risks involved. Ultimately
everyone wants and deserves the best possible care for
themselves and their loved ones.                                         When you hire someone privately, then you personally
take on the legal and ethical responsibilities as the employer.
When you hire a Home care agency, the agency acquires all
of the responsibilities of being the employer.
• You are responsible for determining what type of care
plan is needed, as well as the frequency of these services in
order to effectively provide care for yourself or a loved one.
In time care requirements change and it is crucial to have the
skills of a professional to help implement those changes at the
appropriate times.
• You,as a private employer, may not have access
to the knowledge or skills that maybe required to troubleshoot
when situations arise pertaining to the care of yourself or a
loved one.
• You are responsible for the cost of the hiring process
from advertising, interviewing and screening.
• You will have to thoroughly screen potential employees
by performing criminal record background checks, abuse
checks and reference checks, or you could be putting
yourself or a loved one at risk.
• You are the back- up if the caregiver is sick, goes on
vacation,doesn't show up for the shift, or happens to quit.
You will need to spend more money and valuable
time to find a substitute caregiver.
• You become the trainer and supervisor, making sure
that the person you are going to hire has the proper
skill sets to do the job.
• You are responsible as the employer when hiring
someone privately, to report employee earnings and remit
employee and employer contribution payments for Georgia
state tax and Federal tax contribution in a prompt and timely
You are also responsible to pay the caregiver while they
are on vacation.Please be aware for your own protection, 
in the State of Georgia  it is against the law to pay someone
and not report their earnings.You as the employer, must
declare all caregiver earnings. If not, you and the privately
paid caregiver, may face severe penalties and/or large fines.
• Your risks for an "under the table", cash arrangement
are real and significant, Aside from being illegal. Clients
could risk theft of personal possessions and abuse. Claims by
caregivers that they have injured themselves on the client's
property, and the chance that caregivers will report their
employers to government agencies.
• You as the employer are totally responsible
if someone was to injure themselves in your home
or on your property.
This could result in medical bills or even a lawsuit.
Most people have honorable intentions, but when their
livelihood is threatened by an injury, the need for human
survival may take precedence.
                        AND CONTENT CAREGIVER !!! 
 It is a well known fact within the home care profession that
caregivers are much happier when they know that they have
the on-going support of a team of professionals belonging to
a home care agency.
When considering the services of a professional home care
agency, you should ask for client references. If they are a
reputable agency they will not hesitate to provide you
with references from past and present clients.
Also ask friends and neighbors if they know of anyone
who may have had services provided
by the agency in question......
     WHY CLIENTS CHOOSE One Way Home Care
• One Way Home Care is committed to providing professional,
ethical, and quality service.
• We genuinely CARE about people.
• Our One Way Home Care Human Resources Department is
staffed with trained professionals who are skilled in seeking
and hiring the best possible caregivers for our clients.
They work diligently seven days a week, performing
multiple interviews, personal and professional reference
checks,employment histories, evaluating skills and over
all personalities,criminal background checks, and abuse
registry checks to help insure peace of mind for our
clients and their families.
• All instructors have over 10 years experience in the
Home Care field. We provide our caregivers with free on-going
education and training to continuously improve their care giving
skills in areas such as Alzheimer's, dementia, safety standards,
emergency procedures and CPR & first aid. You, as a client,
will have the guarantee of a compassionate, qualified caregiver
when you seek care from within our agency.
• We have experience in making in-home needs assessments
to help clients to determine their own requirements and assist
them in developing care plans based on those needs.
• We have extensive knowledge of governmental and other
programs that may assist clients with costs and/or provide
services beyond our scope.
• One Way Home Care Services follow standard code of ethics
and business practice.
• We relieve clients of the worry that can occur when hiring
privately, as our staff are covered by Worker's Compensation,
and we screen, train, bond,insure and supervise all employees.
• Our employees at One Way Home Care are compassionate,
dependable, and trustworthy criminal record and
child abuse checks,
multiple personal and professional reference checks,
past employment investigations, as well as multiple interviews
within our Human Resources Department.
individuals who have undergone.
• We handle any issues that surface such as;
scheduling difficulties, illness, shift cancellations,
and arranging for substitute workers.
• Our caregivers are One Way Home Care employees, so we
incur all of the costs associated with interviewing, payroll,
scheduling, taxes, bonding, insurance,
and worker's compensation. 
• Considering everything that we have to offer as a
Home Care Agency, clients find our prices very
reasonable and affordable.
• One Way  Home Care Services are licensed by the
State of Georgia,and (DCH) approved, we are also insured,
and bonded.
  One Way Home Care Services is a private home care agency
that offer more than just Home Care. Our company is based on
the belief that our clients needs are of the utmost importance.
We have been in business for almost 5 years and we know
what our clients need and what our clients want.
At One Way Home Care Services our company offer;  RN's,
LPN's, Patient Care Technicians,Certified Nursing Assistants, 
Companions and Sitters. Our commitment to our clients is to
work hard, to make our clients comfortable in their own
homes, and One Way Home are is determine and motivated
to do just that. As a result, a high percentage of our business
is repeated client and referrals.    
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and
deliver you the best service in the industry.
101 Bainbridge Way (Suite 100)
Dallas, Ga. 30132
Phone; 678-402-8236
Fax 678-402-8249
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM
One Way Home Care proudly provides compassionate and
affordable in-home care, elderly care, and senior assisted living
services in the following counties: Douglasville, Paulding, Cobb
Rome, Carrollton, Fulton, Dekalb, Polk, Gwinnett.